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Clean lines, simple geometry and strong materiality are the main features of BURGIO's U line. tAAAble is a reversible coffee table carved from a single piece of marble so the veining flows seamlessly across the unique shape of the table base. 


tAAAble is currently available in the following four stones, with custom sizes and materials possible upon request:

  1. Arabescato: exquisite and highly sought after Italian stone, characterized by its beautiful white background and distinctive grey veining
  2. Travertine: a warm and elegant beige limestone formed around natural spring deposits that has been used as a building material for centuries
  3. Verde Alpi: a striking Italian marble with an intense dark green colour and light green veins
  4. Nero Marquina: pitch black bituminous limestone with white veining, extracted from the region of Markina, Basque Country in the North of Spain


Italian design tradition with a modern twist; aesthetic & functional. Founded by Isabella Burgio and Alireza Sadeh in January 2022, BURGIO sits at the intersection between design & functionality: colour, texture and form. Isabella and Alireza's practice is all about integrating playfulness into the creative process as well as the final product, caring deeply about the whole process, from design to production and actively sourcing the best partners to bring their concepts to life.

U Line coffee 'tAAAble' by BURGIO

  • New and made to order in Florence, Italy

  • 43.31"D x 13.46"H

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